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About me...


Hello and welcome to my website! For those of you who don't know, "Jack Specific" is a play on the name of the toy company who currently has the WWE action figure license, Jakks Pacific. As Jack Specific, for many years I wrote news and columns related to upcoming wrestling figure releases and maintained a very popular related community forum. After the shut down of the site that I worked for I then created my own website, Wrestlingfigs.com doing basically the same thing. The popularity of Wrestlingfigs.com and it's forums in just a very short time was much above and beyond my expectations, and after a couple of years as the popularity of wrestlingfigs.com continued to grow I realized the site needed to be taken to the next level which is something that I neither had the funding nor the expertise to do on my own. Ringside Collectibles came to the rescue taking over ownership and as promised took the site to the next level. To this day I continue to manage the Wrestlingfigs.com forums.


I am a proud Greyhound Adoption advocate where I, along with my family and other volunteers participate in weekly events to promote awareness and adopt out these loving and gentle pets to forever homes.


I am a family man with a wife, two girls, 7 Dogs, Bird, 2 Dwarf Hamsters, 2 Chinchillas and Fish! Yes I love animals. I don't even eat them!


Feel free to drop me an email!



News and Views...




Monday, April 21, 2008 | Posted by Jay at 12:23:16 AM

Never in a million years would I have ever thought of owning a Chinchilla. Sure I've seen them in pet stores many times hiding in their little houses seemingly afraid of the slightest sound of a passer by. This was my conception of them and like most people who do not know about something it's a misconception.


So my wife comes to me one day and says "I'm getting a Chinchilla!". Of course my standard answer is "NO!" She works at Petco and almost daily they are getting new small pets up for adoption. It's sad how many people just give up their pets like yesterday's news, but at least they're going to be someone's pet again with the expectations that the orphaned pets will go to a loving and caring family who will keep them forever... and such as the case with my so called "NO!" It's not like I did not like Chinchillas but we cannot take every pet that comes into the store although I'd like to. The Chinchillas are actually from a litter from one of the store Team Leads, Danielle, not really unwanted pets though.


So my wife has been whining about how she wants a cat and cannot get one because of the dogs. Although my dogs are 'Cat Safe' we would still be weary about bringing a cat back into the house after all this time. So her idea is to get the Chinchilla as a replacement for the cat she's always wanted since our cat Fluffy passed away. Not a bad effort as an excuse to get a Chinchilla! After bugging me until no end with the promise that she'll clean the cage I gave in. I even said to get another one so they will be paired because I read they do well in pairs and prefer it that way.


We called Danielle and told her to bring in two Chins tomorrow to Petco. That night we went out and got all the supplies including a cage. Thankfully just about everything we got was on clearance. We even got another cage to go on top of the one we already purchased.


Appropriately we named them Fluffy and Midnight after our two cats that have since passed on. They seem to be very happy in their new home. They most definitely enjoy each other's company and just love to run and hop around the room. They really love getting dust baths... Oh and they enjoy eating and POOPING too!



New Photo Gallery!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008 | Posted by Jay at 11:49:04 PM

Check out my brand new photo gallery! The old one was decent but this one has a lot of cool new features such as RSS feeds, shopping cart for downloading (free to everyone of course), E-Cards and so much more. You you can even register for more cool features.


It took me a good while to customize and get it just right to match my website especially being that my time is so limited and the customizing was a little bit on the technical side. I think it turned out pretty decent though. I'll be adding more features in the future and more new pictures as well.


Actually the whole adding a newly improved photo album was not on my list of things to do. This was due to me having to move the site to a new hosting company. I'd like to thank Gary Gordon of Gary M Gordon LLC for hosting my website for the last couple of years. Gary does not even host personal sites but he did me a favor and has been so good to me. Unfortunately Gary had to move all his websites to new servers so I went on my own at that point. For anyone looking to have their company's website hosted and handled by a great service and wonderful person, please check out Gary M Gordon LLC!



PGC's Motorcycle Rally Featured in Newspaper!


Tuesday, June 5, 2007 | Posted by Jay at 10:03:07 PM
On Saturday June 2nd we (PGC) had our first ever Motorcycle run to benefit the Greyhounds. Everyone who participated, whether it was to volunteer to help out or riding the run, had smiles on their faces. Heck even the Greyhounds were smiling!


Jay Demore, GM of Petco Cinnaminson headed up planning the run, along with the Petco crew & PGC crews working hand in hand we were able to gather over $500 in donations! Of course this would not have been possible without the motorcycle riders themselves trekking South Jersey for a greyt cause. Also on hand was Natural Balance providing samples and give-aways, and Wawa who came by with some very tasty lunch.


Oh yeah, and by the way, check me out in the Burlington County Times! We'll it's nothing about me really, just the full newspaper article with pictures on the wonderful day we had during our Motorcycle Rally. The full article can be found by clicking HERE!



It's Not Easy to Let Go


Sunday, December 24, 2006 | Posted by Jay at 5:57:28 PM

Well it's Christmas Eve and myself and my wife had to come to a sad and difficult decision today. We have a wonderfully sweet foster dog, Gracie, that we fell totally in love with. She has been with us for about four weeks already and right away she fit right in. I was attached to her in just a couple of days, and my wife took a bit longer, about 2 weeks for her to fall into Gracie's grasp.


Like Winchester, Gracie was a bounce-back from a prior home and family. The other family had problems with Gracie marking in the house. We think it's because Gracie needs another dog to be around and that she suffers from separation anxiety of sorts. Of the four weeks at our home she has not once attempted to urinate in the house and thus that seemed to confirm our suspicion.


As we awaited Gracie finding the perfect home we fell more and more in love with her. What's not to love when a dog is so sweet, so loving and so well behaved? Just as we thought the perfect home was right here in our home we got a phone call asking if Gracie is still available. We did not even know. We want to keep her but reality set in. With already having 6 dogs, financially this was not feasible for us. On top of that we regularly foster and dog sit and having so many dogs in our small house just gets crowded. As much as Greyhounds are very easy to maintain both cost wise and keep wise, the numbers do add up. We had to think with our heads and not with our hearts.


There is no doubt in my mind that Gracie is going to a very loving family and good home and that's really all that matters and that is why we do what we do. This family has another Greyhound which was adopted by our Greyhound adoption group, the Philadelphia Greyhound Connection, and they have another dog as well. Gracie will be happy there and she'll be loved and well cared for.


If we thought of our own emotions first I feel that we would be selfish not only for Gracie but our own dogs, future fosters and borders as well. We need to do what is right and what is realistic as difficult as that may seem. Gracie will always hold a special place in our hearts.



JackSpecific.com v2.0


Sunday, December 24, 2006 | Posted by Jay at 1:19:21 AM
I think I have been neglecting my site for much too long now. One of my New Years resolutions is to start updating my site on a regular basis. It's been difficult to do being that I am so busy all the time. One of the other problems is that the site was a mess. I am not sure if anyone even noticed (let alone cared!) but the pages just did not look right in other browsers such as Firefox and Opera. Even in Explorer the pages formatted different according to the size of the window. I just did a bad job designing everything and it showed. It wasn't a huge design flaw, but enough to bother me.


So I figured what better way to start things off right for the New Year than to redesign the site from the ground up. You may noticed the site looks just a little different but still basically the same for the most part. The most important thing though is it formats correctly in every size and every browser (at least I hope it does!). As you also may have noticed, some the other pages are still the same format as before. I will redo those to the new format once I know this page is fully flaw-free and more importantly when I have time! The only page that will be a bit difficult to redo is the Guestbook. The others should be a breeze though. My goal is to have them all done by the New Year. Stay tuned for regular updates after Jan. 1st!



Rome & Sweden Featured on New Merchandise!


Tuesday, July 04, 2006 | Posted by Jay at 12:40:31 AM

Once again Rome & Sweden are featured on new merchandise with the famous Yin-Yang picture, this time appearing in the form of Mugs, Mousepads, Coasters, T-Shirts and more. Thanks to our Greyhound Adoption group for featuring these items along with the many Cancer Awareness items that are for sale to benefit Cancer Research. 100% of the Cancer Awareness items sold will be donated to Cancer Research. Please show your support for Cancer research and purchase an item today!






Welcome Winchester!


Monday, May 30, 2006 | Posted by Jay at 12:35:06 PM
Well only three weeks of fostering and I've failed. Maybe I am just a sucker for Greyhounds, especially bounce-backs. Winchester was a bounce-back from a family who did not want him interfering with their 'lifestyle' anymore. This comes more than two years of them having him. If that family had a child would they have to put him up for adoption for the same reason? There are many reasons I can truly understand such as if there was medical care they could not afford, if the dog was vicious, and so on. "He interferes with our lifestyle?" What does that mean? When you get a pet, to me that is a
commitment. It's called a 'forever home' for a reason. Winchester came into our home to be fostered until he gets a new forever home again. He grew comfortable in our home and we fell in love with him. I just did not have the heart to put him through disappointment once again. Being part of a Greyhound adoption group I have seen this happen before and I am sure it won't be the last time unfortunately. I am happy to welcome Winchester as the newest member of our family!


For more pictures of Winchester check out my gallery!



Rome & Sweden Featured on Greeting Card!


Monday, March 20, 2006 | Posted by Jay at 5:47:29 PM
[avatar]Two of my Greyhounds, Rome & Sweden, are now featured on a Greeting Card of their very own. Around 2 weeks ago Sue from Greyhoundgreetings.com approached me about using the pseudo-famous Yin/Yang picture of the two brothers (pictured at left) as note cards. Terms were then worked out where Sue was kind enough to donate some of the cards to our group as well as 10% of future proceeds and now they are up for purchase! Thanks Susan!





A Birth of Greyhounds


Sunday, May 29, 2005 | Posted by Jay at 11:48:04 PM


Among one of the most exciting things that come about in my experiences with our wonderful Greyhound adoption organization is the arrival of a new batch of Greyhounds from the tracks...


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